Monday, February 18, 2013

Image Ripping Using NeoDownloader

Image Ripping Using NeoDownloader

Are you a Wallpaper collector, You must be pleased to know that there's a tool which can rip images from any site and that to with many options to play around.

so hop to this site and download a trial version of NeoDownloader or buy it if you want,the limitation in trial version is that its download speed is limited and each project handles only 1000 of image downloads.

1.So after installing fire it up,this is the home page of NeoDownloader

2. Goto your browser and copy the url of any image site you wish,For this guide i am gonna rip A fansite of jennifer lawrence.
and in Neodownloader click on Add Button

3.A New project window will pop up and In starting address the copied url will be filled automatically
if not just paste it
under project title enter a name you wish.
click next

4.Now in Select Project Template,opt the first one for whole site ripping or the last one for a single page rip
click next when done.

5.In Next window uncheck "start the new project immediately" and check the other one as shown in image and click finish.

6.Now A new window will pop up its called "Project Setting", Here leave everything as it is but make some changes in size filters tab,so no small or medium images are downloaded,make changes as you ok when done.

click on start and wait...the downloads will start soon,enjoy

NOTE: if you into pirates hop to and search for neodownloader and download a full version of it,still i will say buy it its worth.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Watch 3D Movies on a normal laptop/desktop

    Watch 3D Movies on a normal laptop/desktop

    We can Watch any 3D movie using this simple method on our very normal lcd/tv/laptop
    the method is using anaglyphic or stereoscopic 3D Glasess.

    In this tutorial we will do:
    1.Make A red/blue 3d glass
    2.Download and install KM player
    3.Color enchanment/optimization

    so lets begin
    Step 1:download and print this template or follow this steps to draw one out

    Step 2:                a) Take the paper/print and stick it on a light cardboard,a notebook cover will be just fine
                                b) cut the frame just like in below picture
                                     c) Cut out another slightly smaller frame, like this:
    d) Cut small rectangular pieces of the red and cyan cellophane sheets to use as the
    NOTE: Red on Left eye and Blue on Right eye.
    f) Stick this frame on the bigger one as shown in the picture below:
    your 3D glasses are ready.

    Step 2 : install KM player and download a side by side 3d movie from a torrent or youtube
    Step 3: open the video in KMPlayer and select the options as shown in below image 
    Step 3: to optimize the colors,follow this simple steps
    were the 3D glasses and goto graphic setting of your graphic card,and adjust the color from there
    change the contrast and brightness till the blue in the below picture resembles close to white.
    Some of the movies can be downloaded from
    hope you find it useful.enjoy


Megui Video Conversion Guide

Megui is a freeware video encoder that uses ffmpeg which gives the best quilty to size ratio, there are many alternatives but no one maches the quility and diversity Megui gives.
Here is a simple guide to rip dvd, blurays using Megui.

The softwares we required are(Download From the Links):
1. Megui 
2. AviSynth 
3. Nero Digital codec
4. Any codec pack: KliteWin7DSFilter5. A dvd decryptor to remove licence from the dvd or bluray: DVD Decrypter

Lets Begin

Step 1: Install Megui, AviSynth

Step 2: extract Nero digital codec and copy neroAacEnc.exe file from \win32 folder to
\MeGUI_2153_x86\tools\neroaacenc\win32  Create folders if they are not there

Step 3: Fire up Megui.exe, if it ask for update let it do

Step 4: After update go into options>setting>external program configuration
check the box Enable NeroAccEnc and under Location give the path to the NeroAccEnc file press save.
Step 5: Now Decrypt the DVD or Bluray Using this guide or use any video file you want to convert.

Step 6:In Megui goto Tools>Avs Script Creator
This will open the Script Creator window
Step 7: Select the path to video file, Under Video Input
A new message box will popup, Select File Indexer,
then in next window under audio encoding select the option "select audio tracks", check the audio listed under it and click queue.
Step 8: After Creating script A video preview video will popup
in the Avs Script Creator window under I/O  tab check the checkbox Crop and click on Autocrop
this will crop the video black bars
and also if you want to resize the video check the checkbox Resize and input the resolution
also check Auto preview to see the result at that moment
NOTE: the video preview need to be remained opened while cropping or re-sizing

Step 9: Under Filters tab in Avs Script Creator window
Click the Analyse button under Deinterlacing to analyse the source types
mostly they are progressive.
Nothing else to do so click on save.
Step 10: Now we are back on the first window.
goto tools>bitrate calculator
select the calculate by method you prefer and press apply,also do select the container type.
Step 11: Now click on Config next to encoder setting under video encoding
Here is my setting to play the file optimum on Smartphones.
for laptop you can select AVC Profiles as high and AVC Level as level 3
after this press ok.

Step 12 : Now select Nero acc Scrachpad under audio and click on Config
Here use the setting in the above picture and hit ok.

step 13 : OK this is the last step
hit the queue button in video encoding and let it encode the file
after its done hit the queue button under audio and wait
when both files rae encoded goto tools>muxer
click on the desire container you wish i opt for mp4
under video input give the path to encoded video .mp4 the extension
and under audio give the path to audio and hit ok
viola...your encoded file is there...
delete the unnecessary files from the video directory.

for future you need to do only steps 6,7,8,9,13

Thank-you please leave comments, suggestions are welcome.