Monday, February 18, 2013

Image Ripping Using NeoDownloader

Image Ripping Using NeoDownloader

Are you a Wallpaper collector, You must be pleased to know that there's a tool which can rip images from any site and that to with many options to play around.

so hop to this site and download a trial version of NeoDownloader or buy it if you want,the limitation in trial version is that its download speed is limited and each project handles only 1000 of image downloads.

1.So after installing fire it up,this is the home page of NeoDownloader

2. Goto your browser and copy the url of any image site you wish,For this guide i am gonna rip A fansite of jennifer lawrence.
and in Neodownloader click on Add Button

3.A New project window will pop up and In starting address the copied url will be filled automatically
if not just paste it
under project title enter a name you wish.
click next

4.Now in Select Project Template,opt the first one for whole site ripping or the last one for a single page rip
click next when done.

5.In Next window uncheck "start the new project immediately" and check the other one as shown in image and click finish.

6.Now A new window will pop up its called "Project Setting", Here leave everything as it is but make some changes in size filters tab,so no small or medium images are downloaded,make changes as you ok when done.

click on start and wait...the downloads will start soon,enjoy

NOTE: if you into pirates hop to and search for neodownloader and download a full version of it,still i will say buy it its worth.

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