Sunday, February 17, 2013

Watch 3D Movies on a normal laptop/desktop

    Watch 3D Movies on a normal laptop/desktop

    We can Watch any 3D movie using this simple method on our very normal lcd/tv/laptop
    the method is using anaglyphic or stereoscopic 3D Glasess.

    In this tutorial we will do:
    1.Make A red/blue 3d glass
    2.Download and install KM player
    3.Color enchanment/optimization

    so lets begin
    Step 1:download and print this template or follow this steps to draw one out

    Step 2:                a) Take the paper/print and stick it on a light cardboard,a notebook cover will be just fine
                                b) cut the frame just like in below picture
                                     c) Cut out another slightly smaller frame, like this:
    d) Cut small rectangular pieces of the red and cyan cellophane sheets to use as the
    NOTE: Red on Left eye and Blue on Right eye.
    f) Stick this frame on the bigger one as shown in the picture below:
    your 3D glasses are ready.

    Step 2 : install KM player and download a side by side 3d movie from a torrent or youtube
    Step 3: open the video in KMPlayer and select the options as shown in below image 
    Step 3: to optimize the colors,follow this simple steps
    were the 3D glasses and goto graphic setting of your graphic card,and adjust the color from there
    change the contrast and brightness till the blue in the below picture resembles close to white.
    Some of the movies can be downloaded from
    hope you find it useful.enjoy